Sunday, May 3, 2009

sweet summer playlist

Happy Sunday! Last night in an attempt to save some money, my boyfriend and I stayed in and watched Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. It as such a cute movie! It also got me thinking how much music influences our every day life. But how much sweeter it would be if music was always in the background as we went about our day? In romantic moments, somewhere a little City & Colour plays, or in an angry moment an old Sysem of a Down song suddenly appears. I think as summer starts my need for music becomes greater! Lately I've been searching for new tunes. I've found some really great ones to set the season off right. Here are the bands in my playlist right now: Bloc Party [Intimacy], Kings of Leon, Bon Iver (thanks Amanda!), Pilot Speed [a.k.a Pilate], The Fray, Lenka, Sublime [mandatory for good summer tunage]. What kind of music do you wish was playing right now?


Marloes said...

I have been loving Bat for Lashes, Ingrid Michealson, Empire of the Sun and ofcourse MGMT lately!

The first I find perfect for listening to whilst riding my bike home from work!

Love your blog btw! ^^

Sandi said...

Ah! thanks!!
I just seem to love new music when warmer weather comes around. I'll check out your band suggestions!

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