Saturday, February 27, 2010

here's looking at you


This post is dedicated to my awesome friend Amanda who risked life and limb yesterday to let me use the letterpress studio at her school. I just needed a day to get my hands dirty and get creative in a different way and ever since taking Snap + Tumble's letterpress curiosity course, I can't help but drool over those embossed letters all pretty and neat. Amanda, you definitely made my day!

To all of you, hope you're having a great weekend! It's blustery and snowy here in the city which makes me think I should stay inside, get some work done and maybe make some hot soup later!

OH! And if you're liking the card above, check out Short & Sweet for more info, it'll be on sale on my Etsy shop as of March 1st!

photo from myself

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

meet me at queen & yonge

corner 3

corner 1

corner 6

corner 9

corner 8

corner 7

This is The Bay at Queen & Yonge. On any given day, millions of people walk this corner. Today I'm so excited, because that's my work in the display! Casey House is a charity group in the city that puts on a huge fashion event every year called The Snowball to raise awareness for AIDS. This year, I had the privilege of designing the logo and the collateral. (advertorials, tickets, etc.) I spotted these window displays, complete with cool fashion video footage to match the signs, and could barely contain my excitement! Wow, can't believe it.

Photos from myself

Monday, February 22, 2010

ain't no jane doe

I love giveaways! Over at Snap + Tumble is a brand new set of stationery made just for you. Check it out here.

Photo from snap + tumble

Saturday, February 20, 2010

vintage finds

vintage 7

vintage 6

vintage 5

vintage 3

vintage 2

Happy weekend to all! After a few weeks of craziness I finally have a moment to sit down and blog. {while not doing a million other things at the same time} Last weekend, while needing a little cheering up, made my way to the Cambridge Antique market with my parents. As you already know, I love vintage things, and this market is filled with so much and takes hours to go through. Which is SO fun for me, hunting to find the perfect cool thing...and DID I! I lucked out on this trip with an entire set of vintage rubber stamps. This includes the entire alphabet, numbers, glyphs and a few little extra things like flowers and such. They come set up in a beautiful wooden box. The fun thing, is that they all work and the font is beautiful, though I have yet to figure out what it is.

I also found a printing block from what looks to be used on medical textbooks and an old map of New Brunswick from the '50's. My family is all from out east and I love how the old illustrations and colours are on this map. Who knows what I will use it for! I also found a beautiful old cigarette tin. I have a few of these in different brands and colours, and am so attracted to the typography and the "official-ness" they give. This one even said issued by The Queen of fun is that?

P.S. Wanna see more of the vintage stamp set? Short & Sweet paperie is showing more...Check it out!

Photos from myself

Friday, February 19, 2010

everything i love


Perfect shade of red lipstick, striped shirt, cute hat, brown skinny belt & coffee...*Swoon!

Photo from The Sartorialist

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

three o'clock break

Adobe Photoshop Cook from Lait Noir on Vimeo.

I'm really hungry for cookies...made the designer way!
{thanks Evan!}

Sunday, February 14, 2010

it's love day



Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far! Today is the day to celebrate love. In my mind, it's not just about going out for dinner or doing something romantic, {though they are fun} but celebrating those around you and the relationships you have! Even if it's not with a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, but enjoying and appreciating your family or your friends! May your day be filled with endless love...

Photos from ffffound

Thursday, February 11, 2010



"I believe in that one-on-one sell. I don't really believe in flooding the market with loads of goods that don't mean much, and (you) lose your identity" – Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was a great man and beautiful designer.

Monday, February 8, 2010

brunch, board games & beer








brunch 1

What a great sunday I just had, definitely one of the best I've had in a while! The boy and I headed to Amanda & Justin's for what was supposed to be a beautiful sunday brunch, but also continued and turned into a boardgame-fest (die zombies die!) and a superbowl extravaganza with beer and all the chicken you could possibly eat! What a way to spend time with amazing friends! Love you guys.

Photos from myself

Saturday, February 6, 2010

bright weekend



Yay, it's the weekend! So far mine has been wonderful, how about you? With a few busy weeks lately, I finally get a weekend of not many plans and relaxation. I got up in good time with the boy and went off to a yummy breakfast! What's next? Preparing a fresh berry salad and some crafty stuff and leisurely reading. Perfection. Enjoy the day!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

abundant inspiration



For the past few days I have been seeing so many inspiring ideas and I just want to soak it all in. Especially since I am looking for ideas for my new NURTURE eco-line of stationery for Short & Sweet to launch in the spring! I came across STITCH today, a couple of designers who have amazing designs and aesthetic. For now I'll just drool over their stuff...look at their recent work for Barlow & Bishop {an interiors firm in the US}, how amazing is that?

simply addicted to






Just spotted that NonPareil Magazine online is open. Similar to the idea of, however this online magazine is filled with inspiration and tips for brides and wedding planning! Plus it helps that it's absolutely gorgeous! *Swoon

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