Tuesday, March 31, 2009

today's favourite colour Pantone 3945c

Yea that's right, citrus green! That's my favourite colour today. It's a little unexpected yet so fresh and spring-like! I actually bought a skinny belt in this colour a while ago, but must admit, have not worn it yet. But I have this dream that it will one day go with the perfect outfit, and be the finishing touch.

fear of the unknown

Ladies & Gentlemen, drum roll please...I am officially in a creative rut. For the past few weeks, I have felt pretty uninspired. I work in the creative industry, so I am forced to be all the time, however lately I have just not been feeling it! I know it's common, and like the flu, I am bound to get over it sooner or later, but it's no fun! Like many creative people, I can't force it always, I just have to let it be. Ideas will flow at the most random unexpected times. I just have to have faith! So bear with me, my flu will be over soon!

Monday, March 30, 2009

just five more minutes please

This was totally me today! Sorry darlings for not writing this weekend. I was in Owen Sound, on a press check for work. Not totally the most ideal way to spend a weekend, but nonetheless, it wasn't all THAT bad. The only thing is, the checks were at ugly hours of the night, which left me exhausted today! Luckily, I had the day off, which totally allowed me to sleep in. I have to admit though, I was particularly uninspired, unproductive & lazy. I promise tomorrow will be a better day! Sweet dreams...

Friday, March 27, 2009

early bird

I know it's friday night, but I can't help but be a little excited that it's finally going to be the weekend! It was quite a long week for me, and it seemed like friday would never come.But it did, so I wanted to say Happy Weekend! What are you going to be doing? I hope it's filled with fun spring things, and hey, buy some fresh flowers. It will make you smile.


Every woman needs a LBD {little black dress}. Though, sometimes I feel like every woman needs a LBd in every style too!! I got this cute cotton casual version of a black dress from Urban Outfitters today! I absolutely love the back of it and the pockets; because sometimes it's "all in the details". I am excited to wear it with cute little sandals for the summer, or even tights and boots, so I can wear it immediately!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a piece of reese

I just bought the new issue of Elle tonight, along with a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream as a little wednesday night treat! I was delighted to see Reese Witherspoon on the cover! She is one of my all-time favourite actresses and she looks absolutely gorgeous in a chic blazer and white tank. She looks so real, accessible, and fresh-faced! The photography on the feature story describes her perfectly: beautiful, feminine and simple. My favourite is the photo of her, in just a white tank top and gold chain. Just my style! You can take a sneak peak of the story here though, I recommend getting the issue though, it's a good one! Goodnight darlings!

vintage found

I have been searching high and low for vintage and antique frames just like these ones (found on Design*Sponge). They're gorgeous! I want little gold ones, big white ones, some super plain and others very ornate. I have a bunch of different vintage prints at home and I would love to display them all "fancy-like". Dare to dream, hopefully I will have a wall just like this one, or with even more frames!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

floral fashions

I love flowers! The colours, the smells...That's why I couldn't be happier that it's spring! I am determined to buy more fresh flowers this year. It always makes the apartment look great and can add a nice touch of luxury and colour. Speaking of luxury, Harper's Bazaar did a great feature one of their recent issues with some great floral inspired pieces. Here are some of my faves!

Credit to original photographer

coral convinced

As promised, here are a few great inspiration shots on how to add different shades of coral to your life this season. I love the beautiful pop of this colour paired with soft tones of white, cream and even pale blues. Definitely my kind of way to make a statement!

Photography by: Domino, Harper's Bazaar, Urban Outfitters, Martha Stewart & Kate Spade

Monday, March 23, 2009

today's favourite colour Pantone 1787c

With spring now here I can't help but think bright colours. I am totally getting into these vibrant coral red shades. Coral is very flattering on every skin tone, so it's a really great colour to add to your wardrobe, or even in your home decor. Maybe tomorrow I will post some decor ideas with coral!

spring cleaning

No, this is not a post on what to organize this spring for your house, cleaning linens, decluttering and such. This is about a different kind of spring cleaning, with a little bit of luxury added. I am talking about cleaning out your purse! This spring I decided to splurge on a new leather gallery hobo bag from J. Crew. I am determined to clean out my old purse, move onto a new one, organize all my cards in my wallet, keys, and simplify what I have in there. Day to day I get frustrated with finding my keys and digging to the bottom to find my favourite lipgloss. I definitely encourage you to do the same, especially with all the spring cleaning tips floating around right now, why not add it to your wardrobe too!

Here are some other great bags from J. Crew.

Friday, March 20, 2009

puddles and petals

It's finally here! First day of spring has arrived! Though it is a bit chilly today, the weather is looking promising for the next few weeks and I couldn't be happier. Though April showers bring May flowers, I can't wait to get outside a little more, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I am also planning to buy my first bouquet of tulips this season, I will post pics soon.
Have a fantastic spring friday!

Credit to original photographer

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

fun to follow

Sometimes it's fun to be a follower as much as a leader, especially when it comes to the blog world. I encourage you to follow as many blogs as you can. There is so much inspiration out there and you can't find it all yourself sometimes! If you're creative, or just love new and different things, then come follow my blog, it's free to try and you won't be disappointed!

Credit to original photographer

stop and smell the...

There are 2 more days 'til spring and you know what that means? It's just a quick hop away to blooming flowers and budding leaves! For this season, I am totally digging the floral patterns that are "popping" up. When the Spring collections came out later last year, designers such as Philip Lim, DVF, Pink Tartan and lots more were adding a few pieces with floral accents. If they didn't have florals, they were adding ruffles, reminiscent of spring petals. I love the feminine touches that come with Spring collections, and can't wait to wear them! Here are a few of my favourite things.

Photos from: DVF, Philip Lim, Anthropologie (ring, bags & shoes)

wednesday fun

I hate wednesdays. It's the middle of the week and you just want it to be the end! On this particular wednesday, I'm feeling a bit weird and fun, so I thought I'd post some fun, quirky photos from Bruno Dayan. I think all girls still love to play dress up, even if it's in a more grown up way!

Monday, March 16, 2009

spring is in the air

Today is sunny! This past weekend (sorry for not posting) I was enjoying the sunny weather outside and in, relaxing, lounging, letting some Vitamin D soak into my skin. It felt good, though I wish it was just a tad warmer. Here are some springy shots from Anne Menke (she shoots for Travel + Leisure, along with many others clients) Since I am leaving for the Cayman Islands in less than a month, these photos not only inspire, but give me some great fashion ideas to pack in my suitcase. Hope your weekend was cheery and bright!

Friday, March 13, 2009

thank ya

I was reading My Polaroid Blog today and one particularly caught my eye. Do you ever have those days where you wake up and in an instant you know it's not going to be a good day? We all hate those days, where lots of little things go wrong and you want to curl back into bed, read a good book, watch a good movie or just go back to sleep. I woke up today searching for a happy moment, a happy place that would set off the rest of the day for good! (it being friday the 13th and all) Though this picture just has my 3 friends and me, (hi girlies!) I am wishing everyone I have known throughout my life is in the picture. It's a happy moment where everything was right. This makes me smile! I hope you find something to make you happy today.

organic inspired

I have had these pieces of jewelry in the back of my mind for a while. Created by Ruth Tomlinson, these rings and bracelets are incredible! Some of them are made with porcelain, others with just gold or silver but are inspired by nature and sea-life crustaceans. They're so dainty and girly and the mix of metals and soft colours are the perfect combination. I think my favourite is the coral flowers with the darkened silver band.
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