Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oh oh

While I'm gone, feel free to peruse my old posts or hop over to one of my favourite blogs I read on the list to the right. I hope you find a l'il inspiration!

y'all come back now

I must leave you all xo's as I will be setting off out east as of tomorrow. I am so thrilled to be heading to see my family and to just be together, talk, eat and laugh! The plan is to also be a shutterbug while I am away and capture each special moment. I can't wait to come back and share it all with you! Will miss you all dearly and may your week be filled with joy...

Photo from Garance Dore

endless supply

Black has endless possibilities. You can mix it with almost any other colour (yes, even brown) and with the right mix can be classy or edgy, or so many other attitudes in between! Even though I like to keep things light and airy most of the time, there is something that draws me into the black walls of this living room. It seems clean and has that home feeling, but with a twist. LOVE!

photos from fffound and desire to inspire

this one's a perfect

it's like this outfit was part two of my previous post! Are they reading my mind? So I had to post it. Love the chocolate brown bed-head to match. I think I'm digging the black and white today, non?

Photos from TasteofVogue

Monday, July 27, 2009

hey stud

I am not a huge fan of goth, spikes or studs, but pairing these awesome kicks with the feminine top and skirt is just my style! Short, sweet, with a little attitude!

Photos from Cherry Blossom Girl

just another monday

Can you believe the weekend is over already? Unfortunately I had to work through half of it, so I savoured every moment of sunday. This wednesday I am leaving for my annual trip to the east coast, but am feeling a bit frizzed out with the to-do list continually growing. How do I keep myself sane? Any suggestion would be welcomed...

photo from Glamorous little side project

Thursday, July 23, 2009

salt water fresh

Next week I'm headed on my annual trip to the East Coast. (New Brunswick & PEI) I'm an east-coaster at heart and totally can't wait for fresh sea food and the soft colours of the ocean. Every home there is filled with country comforts and love! I am totally digging the fresh mix of blues, greys and creams in these photos, taking cue from elements of the sea.

Photos from Lucyina Moodie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

daisy a day

I have a girl crush on Daisy Lowe. A model in the UK, her dad is hottie Gavin Rossdale (pre-Gwen Stefani) and her mom is Pearl Lowe, a former indie singer. She not only rocks the chocolate brown 'do with bangs, but just has a certain way about her, perhaps that's why Marc Jacobs has mentioned her time & time again. {perhaps a muse?}

Some photos courtesy of Viktor, others unknown.

feeling curious...

And need a literary treat? Then hop on over to Straight from the Curls. She also did a shout out for the banner I designed. Thanks lady, giving you a little link love! xo

say it with feeling

It's been a stressful few weeks. This photo says it all!

Photo from ffffound

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

now this is summer

He's done it again! He's managed to capture the perfect summer outfits, and leave me lusting for more. I love the white dress with the brown belt & sandals. Must.Go.Shopping...

Photo from The Sartorialist

today's favourite colour...into a room

Today I am loving Pantone 363c. It's a beautiful rich green that can be paired with gold and black accents, or softened with browns and rosy shades. Today I thought I would show you my inspiration for the colour choice. Don't you love the sumptuous velvet chair matched the the antique lighting? It seems regal, yet stays comfortable and homey, just my taste!

photographer unknown {sorry!}

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

life happens when you're making plans

but I can't help but plan to see this movie. It looks beautiful!

a little coutorture

I came across this site a little while ago and have been dying to post some of my fave designer outfits for fall 2009. (can you believe we're already starting to think about fall?) That's what I get for working in the magazine business, by the time Christmas comes, I am SO over it...*sigh. Anyways, here are a few of my favourite Christan Dior dresses for fall '09. She did some in bright colours, but I prefer the classic outfits, the pieces that will stay stylish from season to season. SWOON!

Photos from Coutorture.com

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

head in the clouds

hello everyone! You may have noticed I hadn't posted in a few days, many xoxo's to all of you! It was one of those weeks that are so busy that you just feel like sticking your head in the clouds. So that's what I did on the weekend! I stayed away from technology, visited with family and my girlfriends. (Daniella, your loft is amazing, *swoon) I think I totally needed it.

Photos from Chris Kleiner

Thursday, July 9, 2009

a made statement

This all black outfit is exquisite.

Photo from The Sartorialist

you're a vision

As a designer, I love colour. However, sometimes there's just something to be said about black and white photography. Colour doesn't distract or deter from what the photo is saying. It forces you to look deeper, to look at the details, the expressions in people's faces or what's going on around them. Wouldn't it be cool for a day, to live in black and white? (circa Pleasantville, without the repression of course)

photos from ffffound

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

stranded on an island I would bring

Johnny Depp! He takes a writer with him on his journey to a little island he owns in the Bahamas for the article in the newest Vanity Fair. Johnny's got that mix of bad-boy/artistic/sensitive/self-realization that is so attractive to women. But that's not why I like the article, or the photos for that matter. His conversation with the writer is natural, and it shows he is at peace with himself. Very admirable Johnny dearest...

Photos from Vanity Fair

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometimes people say mean things. Sometimes you must pick yourself up and walk on...sweet dreams!

photo from ffffound

Monday, July 6, 2009

fresh as a monday

Ahh...a new week started this morning! I have to admit that one of my favourite parts of the day is when you step outside for the first time in the morning. The smell of fresh grass and dew, and the sun just hanging halfway lazily in the sky, not quite ready to come out full force. It was just such a morning today and as I was sleepily walking to the subway (not yet with Starbucks in hand), I suddenly wished I was on my way somewhere fun, like a road trip to the Cape, or to the beach somewhere. Maybe I'm trying to avoid what I know is going to be a super busy week at work, or maybe I caught the summer bug this weekend? Oh well, at least I can look at these pics and dream, cause dreaming is free!

Photography by Sam Robertson
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