Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hint o' the holidays



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Last night was the first night Nick & I were able to take some time to decorate. We're hosting a small gathering of close friends this weekend so it was time to get cracking! With some Christmas music in the background, and A LOT of laughs, we made some seriously cool bunting, and set up my baby tree. Above is a little hint of what it all looks like!

The bunting is made from strings of twine, some fabric pendants and paper pendants. I always seem to have random paper/fabric lying about my apartment, so we managed to scrounge up enough of these two patterns to fit Happy Christmas! I cut some letters out of paper and spray glued them onto the pendants. We then literally sewed the pendants on with needles and thread. We had some leftover ornaments, so Nick had the great idea of stringing them along the bunting as well. So fun! We took so many photos, and I definitely will post them later, along with photos from the party on saturday. {maybe even a Bunting How-To!}

Also, to start some of you in the festive spirit, a little tunage to boost your mood mid-week!

Photos via myself on Instagram
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