Sunday, May 31, 2009

moving memories

I am late in saying this, but I will anyways...Happy weekend! Unfortunately, I had to be away for some work stuff, and just arrived home. BUT, I have two days off, so it's really just like my weekend was delayed. Now what to do? My plan: watch some movies, maybe eat a little popcorn?! I've been so busy I haven't had a moment to sit down and watch a good movie. So that's where you'll find me, sitting on my couch (wishing it was that glamorous theatre above) and getting cozied in for a good moving picture. What's your fave?

credit to original photographer

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sinks appeal

I just received the press kit for Kohler's new line of sinks and other appliances. Let's just say, could it get any sexier? My favourite would have to be the sink with the gold flowers inside the basin, how gorgeous is it? It's a new spin on antique luxury. Oh Kohler, I heart you!

memoir moment

The rain doesn't seem so bad when it's in a beautiful font like memoir, does it?

loose hand lovelies

I was needing a bit of inspiration today with it totally being cloudy, rainy and windy outside! Work has been busy the past little while and I am feeling quite drained of creative energy. Time for a little boost! I have always loved Alanna Cavanagh's illustrations. I have used her in a editorial stories for Gardening Life, and she works alot on Glow, Visa, The Four Seasons Hotel (just to mention a few...) Here are a few of my faves to maybe brighten your day too!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

jewels made simple

I am a lover of simplicity. I love wearing one piece of fantastic jewellry, or one hit of a beautiful colour in an outfit among neutrals. I spotted these beautiful jewels on Coco + Kelly today and had to post them! I absolutely love Jess L.C.! I am debating on maybe getting one of the necklaces from the Astor St. Collection. Her logo is also super-cute!

classic C.O.

I am still working out the look of my stationery logo and I always seem to come back to these ones from C.O. Bigelow. Not only do I love their products (the yummy calming mint lotions, and the vibrant lemon moisturizers) but their logo is spectacular! It's also lasted many decades of apothecary change. I want something that will stay classic but modern with a hint of fun!

Monday, May 25, 2009

i wear my sunglasses

It has been consistently sunny for quite a few days now and the extra Vitamin D is making my want With my vacation to Cuba in 2 weeks, I am non-stop thinking about sun, surf and sunglasses! I already have the typical large frame sunglasses, and a pair of never-go-out-of-style aviators, but am daring at the thought of a new pair of designers. I am loving the middle black ones from Gucci. Should I splurge or save?

sunglasses are Gucci & Ralph Lauren
photos from ffffound

Friday, May 22, 2009

countdown to the weekend

We are hours away from the weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled! The weather forecast is calling for sunny skies and hopefully a warmer breeze. Wouldn't you just love to hang out in one of these outfits? I came across D A C E clothing from the Paper Pony last week and I would love to add a piece to my wardrobe. It's just my style, breezy and girly! MY favourite is the baby blue and white stripe dress. The photography is beautiful too, so relaxing, and putting me in the right state of mind for my friday afternoon...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

today's favourite colour is in an address book

OMG! Ok, so I can't believe I just came across these on Twig & Thistle. These are beautiful and look at all the colours! Which one would I choose though? That is the question...I think, the solution is just meet as many people as I can so I can fill up each address book and have one in every colour! I really like the Tiffany blue one though. At least for today.

Photo from Nothing Elegant Etsy Shop.

ho hum

I can't believe it's already wednesday! Pardon my absence yesterday, it has been super busy at work and with it being a short week, I've had to try and keep up with incoming projects! It was beautiful weather outside and all I wanted to do was wander the streets or just do nothing and sit in the sun! But according to this photo, you're doing something, even when you're doing nothing! And doing it beautifully. I found some cool stuff this week on my web searches, promise to post them tomorrow! For now, I must bit you adieu and goodnight...

photo from ffffound

Monday, May 18, 2009

a little thing called love

I saw this issue of British Vogue about a week ago and could not get it out of my head! So I bought it yesterday. The vibrant pink, the soft styling and the fact that summer is just around the corner is the recipe for this perfect cover. I am so happy I got the issue! One of their feature stories was a fashion spread in Damascus and it's so exotic & glamorous but what caught my eye are the beautiful colour combinations. I'm heading off to Cuba in a few weeks and may take note and bring in some soft hues of turquoise, pinks and golds. Could be a recipe for the perfect trip? (along with the perfect travel mate!)

Photos courtesy of British Vogue. Only a select from the feature, pick up the issue for more of them!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

it's a small world

Yesterday as Amanda and I were ducking into shops to avoid the rain, we arrived in Preloved on Queen West. Such a cute store, and such a cute concept! They take vintage clothes, and materials and turn them into beautiful clothing. They have adorable pencil skirts, camisoles, flowing dresses and even some bags! I ended up buying a really cute skirt (first pic at the top). I didn't even know it was made out of old suit jackets until I went up to pay. Isn't that amazing? You can tell by the pockets and the gold vintage buttons. It fit me like a glove too, so it was just meant to be!

Psst...Preloved has locations in Toronto, Montreal & Sydney for those of you who want to venture out for a one of a kind piece!
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