Friday, December 24, 2010

on the eve of christmas


Today I am relaxing and spending time with my family. Oh, but I have to get my presents wrapped! A tradition for my sister and I do wrap them together, spending time laughing hysterically at the tags we write, and eating lots of yummy baked goods. More to come tomorrow. Cheers and enjoy!

Design from myself

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

in the lane, snow is glistening


I finally had a few moments to put together some photos from my birthday trip with my two awesome girlfriends, Amanda & Anna to Quebec. {hey girls!} This trip definitely got us in the Christmas spirit a little early, with a tun of snow starting with our plane landing, complete with snow plough trailing beside it. Let's just say, none of us were really prepared for that and we all ended up having to buy some serious snow boots! Nonetheless, it was an amazing trip and SO relaxing. All we did was eat yummy, yummy food {mostly crepes and pastries}, espresso and lattés galore. We also didn't stop laughing! The little cobblestone streets and old shops in Quebec were beautiful and I couldn't get enough, and this was definitely a trip to remember...thanks so much to both of you!

Photos from myself

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

to get the jingle bells out of my head

I have literally had Christmas songs in my head for days. It might be that I am so busy, that I feel the constant need to push the Christmas spirit from my head into my heart...OR there's just those sweet tunes everywhere I go. Regardless, it makes me feel like a kid again! But for a moment, I need to relax and remember the reason for this season. It's not the crazy bustling about or the presents galore, but the time spent with family and the memories made. Take a time out, make yourself a hot beverage, watch this super cool video and relax!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

drawing on inspiration


I read this amazing article by Garance Doré this morning and it definitely gave me some inspiration and the little push of happy thoughts I needed to get through this busy week. I know that there's a little bit of something difficult in every job, but sometimes being in the creative industry pushes you over the edge emotionally, and you need to be reminded of why you do this every day. Those little moments of joy that make it all worth while...

Illustration by Garance Doré

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I wish I might


Oh...I wish I looked this elegant wandering around the city, however these heels just wouldn't do in our Canadian winters. A girl can dream, right?

Photo from The Sartorialist

it's beginning to look a lot like




Christmas! Toronto has had it's first official snowfall {the kind that actually stays on the ground} and everyone is hustling and bustling about...including me. I'm sorry my dears for the delay in posts. After an amazing weekend in Quebec City with two of my best girlfriends, {hey ladies! Photos of our winter adventure to come shortly!} I was also happy to settle in back to my cozy apartment and start the holiday festivities. Buying gifts, finishing all the home made presents and my favourite...the holiday cards. However this year looks a little different to me. While I did manage to settle back into my cozy apartment, work has taken a turn for the business and is leaving me with stress headaches and a knot in my stomach the size of, who knows what! So here I am feeling super distracted and just not myself. If only I had time for more yoga, or bubble baths, or shopping...if..if..only! But I will stay optimistic as best I can, and see what next week has to offer.

Please stay tuned for the winner of my Anniversary prize! I was supposed to draw last week, but with my birthday trip and such, I got totally distracted. I will draw a winner this week though...and have a surprise bonus to throw in with my little bird card. So excited to see who the lucky winner will be!

Photos from ffffound
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