Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the key to my heart

Is by buying me one of these new lovely's from Tiffany's!! All of the ladies and myself were raving over these beautiful pieces! We all had our own favourite, which is why they're so fantastic! They have very simple old-style key pendants and go all the way to very ornate and sparkly. I am into more simple gold necklaces, something that will be timeless and classic. Which one is your favourite?

photos courtesy of Tiffany


Amanda said...

Yeah totally, the nice simple gold one is the prettiest, but i think i'd like it in white gold a bit more. but yeah, so pretty!

Sandi said...

i love them too! i want

pillow mint said...

i can't decide!! but something is drawing me to the last one pictured. simple, and classic!!

Sandi said...

the last one is my favourite as well actually. It's so simple but has a little bit of elegance to it because of the trifoile. And I am loving the gold!!

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