Monday, April 6, 2009

cashin carry coach

Coach has finally done it! They brought the fun back into handbags! One of my oh-so-stylish friends, Catherine (hi lady!) linked me to the new Coach bags that are inspired by Bonnie Cashin, and they are delightful! I absolutely love the bright colours, chic exteriors and suave shapes. The illustration styles are so fresh but keep that vintage style at the same time. I guess what they say is true, old styles do come back! I wouldn't mind grabbing one of these bags, especially for the summer to pair with a little white v-neck tee, jeans and sandals. The perfect weekend outfit!


Amanda said...

Guess it turned out to be a bright day after all! hehe :) I can't believe how bright these are! Finally coach has done something more than the standard brown on brown.. heheh :)

Sandi said...

these bags make me happy :)

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