Thursday, April 2, 2009

curves in all the right places

I am jealous. I love sketching and doodling, and my style is much like garance doré, with different weights of black lines and a hint of colour, except I can't draw people very well! I love drawing florals and different patterns and get quite envious of illustrators that have drawing bodies down to a tee! My favourite is the girl with the floral dress and slight frame of glasses, so cute and eccentric!


Amanda said...

You're really awesome at drawing florals and beautiful stuff like that! who cares if you can't draw people, you can draw everything else! hehe :) You should post some of yours... like I love the one you had in your room in college!

Sandi said...

aww, thanks lady! I think I'm feeling inspired to doodle again, maybe while I'm on vacation! I'll post some later :) You rock!

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