Monday, December 28, 2009

book smarts

This past year has been filled with many adventures. One adventure that I wasn't willing to jump into was the fact that I lost my job last November and had to go head first into self-employment. With many help from family & friends, and of course great connections in the industry, I started freelancing at Zoomer, which is an adventure all on it's own. This gave me the time and opportunity to start what I really love: designing paper goods and all sorts of pretty things! Though there have been some crazy hurdles along the way and many late nights, I know that this adventure will continue on for years to come and hopefully grow into something beautiful! With that in mind, I received this awesome book for Christmas. It talks about so many different dilemmas a freelance designer will encounter and how to overcome them, but with a sense of humour. Thanks mom & dad!

OH! Stay tuned for my fun new year's resolution post that will be coming soon. We all have to do one, right?


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