Tuesday, December 1, 2009

opera ready

dress 1

dress 2

This thursday I am headed to Andrea Bocelli's show in Toronto. I fear I have nothing suitable to wear. I have been searching for the perfect pairing of sophistication & glamour. This dress from Banana Republic may be the perfect one! I am also thinking of getting some pretty tights to go along with it, maybe with a flower pattern? What do you think? 


Daniella said...

I like the red, very holiday appropriate... I think I need those first shoes! I've yet to see cute short booties that drop down in the front like that. Perfect for us short people. Do they sell their shoes at the Toronto BR?

Sandi said...

i love those shoes too! I saw some like that actually at Aldo. They might still have them! I think they then don't make short people look short, like other booties do, that cut off at the ankle. They don't usually have shoes at the Toronto BR. You would maybe have to order them?

Daniella said...

I wish I could! BR doesn't ship to Canada... crazy eh? What they thinking? lol. Might go to ALDO!

Amanda said...

Either way you go, it'll be beautiful! But I CAN NOT Believe you're going to that concert! That's amazing! How did you score tickets? I was looking for some the other day... (thinking early christmas gift for my folks), but they were the most expensive concert tickets I had ever seen! OH and did you hear his christmas cd - beautiful! You're gonna have a great time, and you're gonna look fabulous too!

Sandi said...

Aw, thanks hun! Tony's parents got the tickets so long ago for us!! We're all going together, with his sister and parents and such. Should be a good time! I can't believe how much they went up in price though, my parents tried getting some too. insane!!

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