Sunday, January 3, 2010

goodbye double zero's, hello 2010

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Happy new year to all! Hope your evening was spent all glittery and filled with fun. For me, this was definitely a year to celebrate and I made sure I did just that! Along with all the celebration, I couldn't help but think over what happened this year and what made it better than the one before that. Instead of doing resolutions, I have decided to continue on and make better of a few things I have really been striving for this year. The reason why I have decided to do this is for one thing I have learned. We are too hard on ourselves, we get too busy or consumed with things we keep adding to our life. I find people make a list of 10 or more resolutions and eventually they just fall by the wayside. I learned that simpler is better, instead of adding more and more chaos to our lives we should be simplifying and enjoying our time. Here are my two things to work on and I hope it inspires you as well!

1. Work to live, not live to work. Being self-employed this year initially made me want to jump into as many jobs as possible, but by the middle I was so exhausted and was starting to really forget my goals. Realizing that it is much more fulfilling to work to live and not vice versa really changed my course of action. I had the opportunity to take any extra money and travel or take lessons on things I am interested in. This year I want to continue that and really strive for a well-balanced work/life.

2. Eat well, live well. We have all heard this many times before and it is much easier to say than do. I get so busy, that I just end up ordering food or not taking the time to prepare fresh meals. Then I end up feeling worse and worse. I have been starting to make the time to buy fresh groceries every week, make a menu and stick to it. I am aware that I sometimes get busy, but there are so many quick meals you can make just as easy as picking up the phone and ordering food!

What are some of your goals this year?

P.S. I also really hope that over the past year my blog has stayed interesting and fun for all of you to read. Comments and questions are welcome at any time! Best wishes to you this 2010 year!

Photos from myself


A Life More Fabulous said...

Definitely on the same wavelength with my 2010 resolutions - trying to focus on quality not quantity and be more organized to make more thoughtful decisions.

Good luck with your goals - and wishing you everything wonderful for 2010!


enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Happy new year bravo pour ton blog très belles photos


Sandi said...

Merci Sophie!!

-Sharalee, totally agree with you! Hope I can keep it up all year! Best of luck to you!

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