Monday, January 19, 2009

something old

I heart antiques! I really enjoy the ornateness of the furniture, the hand painted flowers on an old teacup, and most of all, the story behind each piece. Here is one of my favourite teacups from my collection. White and gold is probably my favourite combination for teacups and plates, and this one has cute little fancy polka dots! One other thing I like is NOT to match: each teacup is different and beautiful, with their own unique flaws, little cracks and faded prints. Much like the persons that have passed on each cup down through the generations. 


Daniella said...

weird! i just posted a teacup the other day!

Sandi said...

yea, i saw yours. I was going to post it a while ago but so many other cute things got in the way. I liked the heart shaped one, it's cute! I have a few shots of other ones I have, but the polka dot one is my favourite.

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