Wednesday, June 29, 2011

one with nature





Today is like a friday for me! I've got an extra long weekend starting tomorrow, and you'll never guess where I'm going. I'm going on my very first EVER camping trip. Yup, some butterflies are present in my stomach, but I know it's going to be such an awesome time. I'm not a super girly girl...I like being outside, hiking, swimming and the lingering smell of a campfire on your favourite sweater. It's going to be great. As much as I enjoy my big city, I like having weekends away where the air is silent and breezy and you can actually see the stars in the sky. Oh and really, who doesn't like s'mores?!

For all of you who are in Canada, Happy Canada Day weekend! For all of the rest of you, enjoy the rest of the week & weekend too. Everyone should light some fireworks, no matter where you are!

Photos via What Katie Ate {photos 2 &4}, Pinterest {photos 1 &3}


Tatiana said...

Happy Camping! I'm going too! Hope you have a blast!!!

Amanda Keenan said...

Bring it on!!! :)

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