Monday, June 20, 2011

if I could sum up joy

Everyone needs to find their own little things that bring them happiness, or even better This album by Jonsi fully embodies what I think is joy. The sounds and words go straight to my core...And this has got to be my favourite song. Hope this helps that old monday feeling...

"You grow, you roar
Although disguised
I know you

You'll learn to know

You grow, you grow like tornado
You grow from the inside
Destroy everything through
Destroy from the inside
Erupt like volcano
You flow through the inside
You kill everything through
You kill from the inside

You'll learn to know

I wonder if I'm allowed ever to see
I wonder if I'm allowed to ever be free

You sound so blue
You now are gloom

You're now so blue
You now are gloom

I wonder if I'm allowed just ever to be"

Video via Youtube


Amanda Keenan said...

you found this at the perfect time. :)

It's beautiful! and am now listening to the rest of the album.

for design's sake {sandi} said...

Nat K suggested it to me a while ago, and i just remembered a few weeks ago, and yes just in time. The whole album is amazing... so beautiful. i agree.

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