Friday, April 29, 2011

watch it while I work


I missed the balcony kiss due to the fact that the subway system was running slow this morning, {BAH!} but that doesn't stop me from live streaming the Royal Wedding at work! I will have this baby going until it's all over. What an awesome historical even to wake up to this morning. Though I didn't get up at 3, my 6am alarm was good enough for me to catch the main event, and I couldn't stop smiling the entire time! I loved Kate's dress and OH the hats! I also love to secretly pretend I know what they're whispering to each other as they walk down that long aisle...

What was your favourite part?

Photo via my computer screen
Stay tuned! Hope for more Royal Wedding Photos later today!


Amanda Keenan said...

LOL I love how you can totally see your priorities here.. facebook/ royalwedding!.. and work in the background. meh! what work? lol! :)
The dress was beautiful! But i don't know about those sleeves. Classic though!

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