Friday, January 15, 2010

trying on a new hat


It's friday already? A combo of magazine award entries, freelance and finishing up my Valentine stationery has landed me on a friday night barely awake and ready for a new fresh day! I have some good news to share with you all, my dear readers... Besides starting my Short & Sweet endeavor, I have a new job to pair with it! I can't wait to be even more creative, with photo shoots and more editorial design on a daily basis. Though this new job will be intense at first, I can't wait to really shine and to see things in a new light! Hope you have a great weekend! OH! While you're scrolling through the blog world on your free time, don't forget to pop over to Short & Sweet to enter my new year giveaway!

Photo from fgr


ashlina said...

oh this picture is the essence of everything i want to it!

ashlina said...

.......and, wishing you the BEST of luck in your new job!!!!!!

Sandi said...

thanks Ashlina! So nervous, but excited too!

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