Monday, August 22, 2011

look where it brought us


I am in awe as to how life can change so quickly and how it happens when you're least expecting it. How people can so easily jump in and out of your life, but how some remain steady throughout the years. How jobs can all of a sudden end, but another one lines up the next week, or teaches you patience and doesn't arrive for a year. So many different things happen and you can never plan for it. What an adventure this is!

I have been wanting to share some news with you for a little time now, but wanted to wait until I felt it right. Today, it is finally right! Earlier this year, I lost an important relationship in my life, and that was a big change. Since then, I have regained so much strength and such an excitement for what life can offer. With that said, last month, I got blindsided...but in the best way possible! A guy named Nick introduced himself at a friend's house. {on July 11th, his birthday no less!} We hit it off right away and we've been hangin' ever since. Still now I am just in this crazy daze of how someone can just enter your life, your paths just happen to cross when you're not looking, and how amazing it can be. Not only do Nick and I have regular every day, fun things in common, {he too, is a graphic designer} but in terms of morals and beliefs, we seriously hit it off. All of this is still new, but with every passing day I am reassured that this guy is gonna make some serious awesome in my life...and I hope I do the same for him!

Thanks for reading my lovelies!

Photo via Nick Pilon


t a n y a said...

hearts to you, Sandi! and yes, funny how things like that happen and everything turns out for the best.

Tatiana said...

Sooooo happy for you!!!! Xoxo

Natalie said...

I'm happy that you're happy :)

for design's sake {sandi} said...

Thanks ladies!! :) Aw you are so sweet!! xoxo

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