Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ex marks the spot




I have lived in Toronto for over four years and still have never been to the Ex. But that all changed last night, when Nick's parents got us free passes. So we grabbed some of our peeps and headed on over, prepared to eat nothing but batter and have some good laughs. I haven't laughed so hard or smiled that much in a long time! {can you tell how happy I am by my ridiculous face I'm making in that photo? Oh dear...} I LOVED it! All the flashing lights, the ridiculously horrible music, the compulsion to run like an 8 year old high on sugar {Tiny Tom cinnamon sugar donuts to be exact}...it's all wonderful.
Also, one day I'd really love to pay to get in and take my trusty Nikon and just snap away and get some awesome photos. Super sweet!

Photos via Pinterest & Facebook {via Nick's friend John}


alice grey said...

that's just about the happiest face i ever did see :)

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