Saturday, February 27, 2010

here's looking at you


This post is dedicated to my awesome friend Amanda who risked life and limb yesterday to let me use the letterpress studio at her school. I just needed a day to get my hands dirty and get creative in a different way and ever since taking Snap + Tumble's letterpress curiosity course, I can't help but drool over those embossed letters all pretty and neat. Amanda, you definitely made my day!

To all of you, hope you're having a great weekend! It's blustery and snowy here in the city which makes me think I should stay inside, get some work done and maybe make some hot soup later!

OH! And if you're liking the card above, check out Short & Sweet for more info, it'll be on sale on my Etsy shop as of March 1st!

photo from myself


snap + tumble said...

Sandi, the card looks great. Nice choice of yellow. You and Amanda are in cahoots just to do some printing! I love it.

short and sweet paperie {sandi} said...

haha, thanks!! I was totally inspired by your use of yellow in your personalized stationery, just a bit more vibrant and not as yummy buttery as yours! We were so sneaky at the studio, but it was such a successful day!

Amanda said...

Ahhhh Sandi!!! You're too sweet! A whole post dedicated to meeee?!! lol Thanks sandi. It was so fun!

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