Tuesday, March 2, 2010

she's a beauty



*Sigh...That's how I feel like starting my post. It has been so busy lately, and I feel absolutely horrible for not being able to post every day, even with so many beautiful things I see day in day out! With that I wanted to show you a little purchase I made this week from Elephantine. Her jewelry is simple, but absolutely gorgeous! You know those pieces that no matter what you wear, you put it on and feel elegant & timeless? This Bellissima bracelet is exactly that. Her matching necklace is beautiful, and you can also get both in silver if that's more your fancy!

Photos from Elephantine


: : t a n y a : : said...

I bought her tabula rasa necklace a couple weeks ago. Gorgeous.

Amanda said...

so cute!

Sandi said...

-tanya, that's kind of funny. Though I have been seeing her work on a few blogs and needed to check it out for myself! Love the necklace you got too! So beautiful and simple.

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