Monday, March 23, 2009

spring cleaning

No, this is not a post on what to organize this spring for your house, cleaning linens, decluttering and such. This is about a different kind of spring cleaning, with a little bit of luxury added. I am talking about cleaning out your purse! This spring I decided to splurge on a new leather gallery hobo bag from J. Crew. I am determined to clean out my old purse, move onto a new one, organize all my cards in my wallet, keys, and simplify what I have in there. Day to day I get frustrated with finding my keys and digging to the bottom to find my favourite lipgloss. I definitely encourage you to do the same, especially with all the spring cleaning tips floating around right now, why not add it to your wardrobe too!

Here are some other great bags from J. Crew.


Daniella said...

ohhh did you get the black one?

Sandi said...

I did!! I felt it was time!

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