Friday, November 25, 2011

what brought me here


Yesterday was my 26th birthday. At first thought, I freaked a little. The thought of no longer being in my early 20's, the thought of truly being an adult...I'm not ready, I can't be! But as I began thinking more and more, and reflecting on how much I've gone through, even in the last year...I am ready and excited to see what this year will bring! My day was complete with birthday singing from my work peeps {Thanks Melissa, Jacki, Sun & Julia!}, a lunch date with a bestie {thanks Amanda!}, a little pampering, a lovely chat with my mother, beautiful and thoughtful gifts from Nicholas that cut right through to my heart, an evening filled with a yummy dinner made by him too, tuns of laughter and love. I couldn't ask for any more...and I didn't want the day to end.

Today, on my first day of being 26, I am filled to the brim with love but also did I get so blessed to have such an amazing partner in crime who I met on HIS 26th birthday {hello Nicholas!}, loving family & such encouraging friends. It's some kind of wonderful!

Here's a cheers to a fantastic friday and great weekend. To all those in the U.S., happy thanksgiving!

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Kinga said...

Happy Birthday Sandi! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Debbie @ OtRD said...

Happy Birthday!!

Amanda Keenan said...

Aww Sandi! You're so sweet! I love this post. It sounds like you had an incredible birthday! Can't wait for drinks next week! :)

for design's sake {sandi} said...

:) xo

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