Wednesday, September 7, 2011

with fire and delight



It's already been a few days since returning from the cottage, but let me tell you, it was such an incredible time, and I am longing to be back there right now! Last Thursday, the crew packed up the car and we headed to the annual Labour day cottage location in Lambton Shores, Ontario. Our days were filled with some remaining summer sun, bonfires, epic s'mores {have you ever tried them with peanut butter cups instead of good ol' chocolate?}, tuns of jam sessions and games. I have to say though, the most memorable moments were made with the people that were surrounding me. Quiet, breezy nights on the beach with nothing in view but the stars, and a sense that this world truly is amazing.

A BIG thanks goes to Amanda & Justin who so warmingly invited all of the crew to their digs! Thanks guys! Love you both. xo

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, regardless of having an extra day or not. This is the week that always has that aura of newness when school is starting back up and wish you all that are going back, the best of luck!

Photos via Amanda


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