Tuesday, January 18, 2011

washes, stains & tears of love




For a few months now I have been noticing a definite trend in stains and watercolour washes. I have always used light washes of watercolour in any illustrations that I do, as I love that feeling of transparency and wistfulness! With Valentine's day coming closer and closer I can't help but be inspired by all of this. Why not add a little stain to your cheeks and lips before you go out the door tomorrow, or quickly brush a little watercolour heart on a little ripped piece of paper and write a note to the one you love. I promise it'll make your day!

Photos via Katie Quinn Davies, The Sweetest Occasion & FGR


t a n y a said...

All sweet suggestions, Sandi :)

for design's sake {sandi} said...

Thanks Tanya! I couldn't resist posting the Katie Quinn Davis photo today, it just felt perfect, dark and moody :)

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