Wednesday, December 22, 2010

in the lane, snow is glistening


I finally had a few moments to put together some photos from my birthday trip with my two awesome girlfriends, Amanda & Anna to Quebec. {hey girls!} This trip definitely got us in the Christmas spirit a little early, with a tun of snow starting with our plane landing, complete with snow plough trailing beside it. Let's just say, none of us were really prepared for that and we all ended up having to buy some serious snow boots! Nonetheless, it was an amazing trip and SO relaxing. All we did was eat yummy, yummy food {mostly crepes and pastries}, espresso and lattés galore. We also didn't stop laughing! The little cobblestone streets and old shops in Quebec were beautiful and I couldn't get enough, and this was definitely a trip to remember...thanks so much to both of you!

Photos from myself


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