Sunday, October 10, 2010

thanksgiving in colour






Happy Thanksgiving to all those readers in Canada! It's a gorgeous and beaming sunny day where I am, and I bet you're also smelling a turkey that's cooking in the oven, and hopefully spending time with the family & friends around you. I am so thankful my parents are close so I can come home and celebrate with them, and though this year my sister or boyfriend aren't here, we are thinking of them ever so much. For those of you in other countries, this may be a teaser to your Thanksgiving coming next month, {turkey, stuffing and pie, OH MY!} or just a reminder to take a moment this season to be thankful for what you have. Cheers!

Photos from myself


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CHUNG said...

thanksgiving in colour so beautiful
,This is my blog

for design's sake {sandi} said...

Thanks Chung, I will check out your blog as well!

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