Thursday, July 22, 2010

{introducing!} Ava Reese


Hello my lovely readers. It has already been a week since my last post and I beg for your forgiveness! Don't be sad, I have good news to share with you, and will have been worth the wait. For the past little while I have been working with a dear friend of mine, Catherine who is starting her own line of soft goods. Catherine and I have worked together for quite a few years, and I have to say she is a woman of style! From her home decor & styling, to her down-to-earth yet modern fashion sense, this gal rocks! She is starting off with a small but solid collection of pillows & totes and I can only imagine it will keep growing and growing with the seasons! I also had the pleasure of designing her overall branding look. Stay tuned for updates on the business cards, tags and much more. I'm definitely going to be scoring a few pieces for my own studio apartment soon.

Wanna see what this girl has to offer? Ava Reese is here.

Photos from Catherine Therrien  
Portrait by Andreas Trauttmansdorff 


Amanda said...

The pillows are my favourite!... and of course the logo is beautiful!

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