Wednesday, April 21, 2010

shapes and colours




How adorable are these illustrations by Blanca Gomez? I spotted the city illustrations on Black Eiffel this morning, and had to search out more! We are in luck, there's an etsy shop full of fun illustrations & cards. The tones, colours and shapes that are used are just my style, and I love the crafty feel. What I wouldn't give to score that balloon illustration for my boy for our anniversary later this year. Adorable!

Photos from Cosas Minimas & Etsy 


Daniella said...

I love these! Did you see the Paris one too? Too cute. I thought they were just city posters though. I'll have to check out the site!

Sandi said...

yea, you should, they're soo cute! the paris one was adorable, knew you would like that one!

Natalie said...

Sandi! They have these prints on Queen Street near the Paper Place! Patty bought one with 2 couples kissing in the snow, so cute.

Natalie said...

Sandi said...

oh goodness! I must check it out..they are so cute!

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