Friday, October 16, 2009

just in time

Let me first start by saying Happy Friday! I really want to tell you all about my weekend plans, but I have something fun to share! For years I have wanted to learn how to knit. It started with watching both my grandmother's just whipping that yarn around the needles and making everything from my sister and my mittens every year for Christmas, or big warm, soft blankets. Myself, being left-handed, never thought it was possible and I just gave up on learning. My friend Quinn {hi hi!} is a big knitter, and got me thinking again about learning. So last night, being the awesome friend she is, taught me! We first headed to Romni Wools on Queen W. in Toronto. {gosh, that place is overwhelming if you don't have an action plan before you go!} I had decided I want to make a camel-coloured cozy scarf as my first attempt. So far it's going ok! I am definitely getting the hang of it. So stay tuned for the results...I'm too shy to show it in the beginning stages.
OH! More about my weekend picking tomorrow with the girls. Yay!

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