Saturday, September 26, 2009

{re}think my footprint

So I'm not the person to usually talk about tech stuff. To be honest, I like something that works, is semi-up to date, and looks nice, and that's about it! With that, I was on a search today to find an external hard drive. My computer wouldn't even save anything, it was completely full! I stepped into Best Buy and I got so frazzled. I immediately had to call the boy to see what I wanted. Portable? Desktop? External? I had no idea! But's almost like I heard a choir and spotlights came on. There it was on the shelf in a beautiful green box. Fabrik's {re}drive. It's eco-friendly and energy efficient..AND it looks pretty! It's made from recycled aluminum & bamboo. Too good to be true right? No!! It's gorgeous, matches my decor and the price was very affordable. Score! Happy savings all around.

Photos from SimpleTech


Amanda said...

Oooh this is so cool! Good choice!

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