Sunday, September 13, 2009

the curious case of a typeface

mixing the beautiful ink
me at the press!
Quinn's beautifully cut and packaged paper
look at all those letters...
Amanda trying to choose her next masterpiece
you know you love it
Tanya checking out our work!
Quinn at the press

Together with my two awesome friends, Quinn {helllooo} & Amanda {from a designer's blog}, we ventured out to Snap & Tumble's LetterPress Curiosity workshop today. {hi Tanya!} She was such a great teacher! I learned so much and the whole experience just cemented my love for handmade projects. I mean, just looking at all the type blocks made us swoon! All 3 of us printed as much as we could and I could have totally done it all day. {especially after the amazing cupcake sugar rush!} Thanks Tanya! It was so fantastic. So now, I just have to get matching envelopes for my creations and will post the finished product soon! 

Photos from myself


Amanda said...

Oh It was so fun! And your photos are so pretty! Love them!

snap + tumble said...

I agree with Amanda - lovely photos! Thanks for coming to the workshop - looking forward to seeing your finished product!

Sandi said...

Thanks ladies! You all made beautiful subjects, along with all the beautiful paper & letters! It was such a great day. Can't wait to go out and get matching envelopes & such...

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