Monday, November 23, 2009

perfection in poster size

My friend Amanda LOVES posters. {hey lady!} So this post is dedicated to her! Music posters, especially vintage are so inspiring! The attention to detail in the illustrations and typography are key and these are killer! My favourite is the Decemberists one for sure. I'm off to do some design work today for a freelance job, and this definitely starts my brain off right! OH and happy more day til my birthday!

Photos from ffffound


Amanda said...

aww thanks dude! Oh and look at that Bon Iver print! Ooooh! You know telegramme might have some of these on Queen E.

short and sweet paperie {sandi} said...

ohhh yea they probably do!!

miss bicyclette said...

These are all great! Love the simplicity and personality of retro prints and posters.
Nice source of inspiration, thanks for sharing!

Sandi said...

i love them too! They just say what they need to. and that's it!

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