Monday, July 6, 2009

fresh as a monday

Ahh...a new week started this morning! I have to admit that one of my favourite parts of the day is when you step outside for the first time in the morning. The smell of fresh grass and dew, and the sun just hanging halfway lazily in the sky, not quite ready to come out full force. It was just such a morning today and as I was sleepily walking to the subway (not yet with Starbucks in hand), I suddenly wished I was on my way somewhere fun, like a road trip to the Cape, or to the beach somewhere. Maybe I'm trying to avoid what I know is going to be a super busy week at work, or maybe I caught the summer bug this weekend? Oh well, at least I can look at these pics and dream, cause dreaming is free!

Photography by Sam Robertson


Amanda said...

oh i love the smell of morning... i totally know what you mean.

Amanda~Weekend Host said...

Stunning images - I can almost feel the morning sunshine on my face.

Sandi said...

The sunshine makes such a difference in the morning, it makes me take a minute to just relax!

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